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Editing in Descript

Descript is a revolutionary audio editor that works like a Google Doc. You can record audio into it, or drag files from apps like SquadCast and Riverside. Descript will transcribe the recordings, and you simply edit the audio by editing the text.

You can import music, add compression to keep audio levels balanced, remove umms and eliminate background noise to make your guests sound their best.

In this course, you’ll learn how to

  • Edit interviews recorded remotely
  • Deal with crosstalk
  • Keep the pace of episodes moving while letting everyone breathe
  • Record custom intros and outros for each episode
  • Handle audio recorded in a single file, or on multiple tracks
  • Save time in your production workflow that you can spend planning your next episode, or growing your show

The course is led by Mark Steadman, who uses Descript daily to produce podcasts his clients and their audiences love.